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On the way to improving the ASPERA internal and external communication, two important milestones are about to be passed. The portal will be launched on the 1st of July, and a virtual conferencing system is being tested that will be widely used in the future.

When working on a European scale, electronic tools can help a lot to improve collaboration between members of a community. Therefore, ASPERA is developing new tools to increase its internal and external communication abilities.

The new website portal of ASPERA,, will be launched July 1. It aims to present the ASPERA European Astroparticle Physics network and its activities to coordinate Astroparticle Physics on a European scale. Implemented by FECYT in Spain, the web portal will increase the image of ASPERA and shall serve as a hub for the whole Astroparticle Physics community, linking with experiments that have European participation in this field of science, classified by topics.

Astroparticle Physics is also described through six main questions that the field is trying to answer, while a map presents a collection of European infrastructures. In addition, the ASPERA website will offer interesting tools for the whole community, such as an internal collaborative space and a webpage for jobs ads in Astroparticle Physics.

A Virtual Conferencing System for Astroparticle Physics

Only a computer, a microphone and a webcam are needed to participate in a “virtual conference”. When connected to the Internet, you are able to attend such a meeting from everywhere in the world! « It is just like you are discussing in the same room » said Didier Rouable, who is implementing and testing the virtual conferencing system at CNRS. He explains that the tool is very easy to use and offers many functions. For instance, it is possible to share file documents between all the participants of a meeting, to chat with one or several persons, or to use a virtual white board to draw diagrams that can be seen by other participants.

This system, called EVO, already in use by many international collaborations, was developed by and for the scientific community, firstly at CALTECH. ASPERA management has begun to successfully use EVO and it should be widely used for all kinds of meetings in the very near future.


This advanced collaboration system also allows international lectures to be broadcast for students from different universities all over the world. Such lecture experiments will be offered in Astroparticle Physics through VCA – the “Virtual Conferencing for Astroparticle Physics”. It will be reachable from the new ASPERA portal.

Submitted by Didier Rouable, Carlos Pobes and Arnaud Marsollier

To become a user of the virtual conferencing system, registration is needed. It takes only a few minutes. It is then possible to attend a meeting or to book a conference room. All the technical aspects and directions for use are available on the temporary VCA interface:
For further information on VCA: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it




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